...to preserve the memory of our devotion!

Perhaps due to it's uniqueness as a fight song, "Bow Down to Washington" has a long history of recordings and reinterpretations. 

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Vic Meyers and His Hotel Butler Orchestra "Bow Down to Washington" Columbia Records 1928, 78 RPM record label 

Vic Meyers and His Hotel Butler Orchestra "Bow Down to Washington"

One of the earliest recordings of "Bow Down to Washington" was recorded by Vic Meyers and the Hotel Butler Orchestra recorded for Columbia records in 1928. Meyers' big band was associated with two longstanding dance halls in prohibition era Seattle, The Rose Ballroom at the Hotel Butler in Pioneer Sqaure and the Trianon Ballroom in Belltown (it was most likely recorded during their stint at the Trianon Ballroom). Meyer would go on to serve the State of Washington as Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State from 1933-1965. 

Consistent with its era, this interpretation of "Bow Down to Washington" leaves the realm of a fight song march into a danceable foxtrot. 

Trianon Ball Room.jpg

Trianon Ballroom full of people, Seattle, ca. 1935

Vic Band.jpg

Vic Meyers with his band, Seattle, 1934

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"Bow Down to Washington" The Norm Hoagy Band, 1952 Listen Records, 78 RPM Record.

This 1952 recording of "Bow Down to Washington" is much more traditional than the Vic Meyers version. It retains the march and the chorus elements. Listen records was a Seattle based record company from 1952-1961 (http://nwmusicarchives.com/label/listen/) 

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"Bow Down to Washington" by Chuck Mahaffey and The Individuals, 1964 Jerden Records 722, 45 RPM Record

Jerden Records was a Seattle based independent record label from 1960-1971. It was most famous for producing early Northwest based garage rock and roll acts like The Sonics from Tacoma and the huge hit "Louie Louie" from Portland's The Kingsmen. 

This jazzy arangement of "Bow Down to Washington" from 1964 is by drummer and vibeist Chuck Mahaffey and features a young Larry Coryell, a UW student at the time, who would go on to be a highly influential jazz fuision guitarist through the 1970s. (http://nwmusicarchives.com/label/jerden-records/)

"...So, VICTORY'S the cry of Washington"

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"Vic'try for Washington" as published in the 1950sĀ Husky SongsĀ 

"Vict'ry for Washington"

In 1933 and in celebration of UW's 75th anniversary, two students, George Larson and Tom Herbert, took one of the shouts from "Bow Down to Washington" and composed a more traditional fight song march with new easier to sing lyrics called "Vict'ry for Washington." 

The Tyee yearbook comments that students "found it peppy--easy to sing--and boosted in sky-high" perhaps a comment on the tongue twister that early versions of "Bow Down to Washington" forced on fans. 

"Vict'ry for Washington" also includes reference to Huskies, something lacking in the original fight song. 

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...to preserve the memory of our devotion!